King of Moles - Chef Geno Bahena 

Welcome to Mis Moles Restaurant and Tequila Bar, to enjoy a world class cuisine offering Mexico alive for you.  Mis Moles is a vibrant

restaurant offering authentic, contemporary Mexican food inspired by Chef Geno’s hometown and Mexico’s energy of the markets that are so important to Mexican culture, Chef Geno’s menu combines traditional family recipes, seasonal ingredients, and a modern sensibility to create soulful dishes. Guest will see centuries-old tortilla making on display as well as crushed-to-order table side guacamole. The menu features, appetizers and entrees that pay homage to Mexico’s distinctive regional flavors. The tequila bar offers an extensive craft cocktail, Mezcal, beer and wines selection.


Mis Moles name is a nod to both Mexico national dish and Chef Geno’s commitment to unparalleled trajectory of fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and exceptional service.  With classic Mexican music. Its walls radiate sun-baked colors. The paintings, and decoration leap to your eyes and make you laugh. Together they invite you to a journey of Tradition throughout Mexico.  Mis Moles restaurant uses beautiful ingredients, often organic-grown, to bring to you the bold flavors and immediate freshness that jump off the tongue. “just as it does in Mexico”.


Blurring the lines between Chef, artist, entrepreneur and inventor, world-renowned Chef Geno Bahena is one of the leading pioneers in

Mexican cooking today. His fascination with ingredients and the art of the Mole Making has fueled a thirty-year career marked by creativity, critical acclaim and the introduction of revolutionary products and cooking techniques.

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Chef GENO BAHENA - The King of Moles

I love to cook, and to teach others how to make great mole sauces, I get my satisfaction when I know I have accomplished my tasks. Like make a difference either pleasing a palate of a customer or a fellow co-worker helping, educating, teaching them, on new trends, techniques or efficiencies on the elaborations of everyday tasks in the business industry applying the 5’s in the kitchen, as well as coaching them about the 12 allergens.

Old ways Preservation Mexican cooking style has always been my primary and unique culinary initiative. Organic local vegetables, sustainable seafood, and free-range meats. My favorite food seasonal regional "Mexican cuisine". Second any haute foods. 

Respect. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone that by their abilities, qualities, or achievements of doing something with high standards has been accomplished. My grandmother (abuela) used to say (Respeta la cabeza cana y respetado seras mañana) "Respect the white head and respected you'll be tomorrow". Therefore, I believe respect is something earned you must respect others to earn that respect back; like the old saying

"The respect for the right of others is peace"


Mole, from the Náhuatl word, molli, literally meaning “concoction” or “mixture,” is a word that describes a whole genre of sauces. Beyond its literal meaning, the word mole represents the passion, love and tradition that is present in Mexican cooking.  Not an everyday meal, because of the complex preparation required, moles are celebratory and festive.Sophisticated and seductive, they are delicately balanced preparations which bring the flavors of the earth together in harmony, though many regional and familial variations exist, there are said to be many classic moles from the different regions of Mexico, Chef Geno Bahena prepares 7 moles by which all moles can be categorized based on her family traditions featuring them each night of the week Emphatically seasoned dishes with well-balanced flavors. We have mole Rosa, mole Blanco, mole Amarillo, mole Manchamanteles, mole Rojo, mole Negro; but enough talk lets taste the classic mole of today’s offering.

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Mis Moles Restaurant - The King of Moles