Chicago Repast & Funeral Catering Packages

From finger-food to staffed buffet meals we will help you commemorate your loved one in a respectful manner.


The post-funeral reception traditions, food and drinks vary from one culture to another.

However, they all have this in common – it is a time to remember the one who died and to be surrounded by friends and family.



Funeral food that matches your religion and traditions.


Professional planning that puts together a caring ceremony.


Remembrance photo area and funeral reception guest book.


Floral arrangements & other special requests – on demand.


The funeral reception often called a wake, luncheon, repast, repass is a good occasion for you to surround yourself with friends and family, to get support and to remember the one who passed away.

Most families will choose to gather immediately after the funeral at a restaurant, private residence or gathering hall. It is customary for you to serve food and beverages and to give people from all the walks of lifetime to get to know each other and share memories and how they are connected to the deceased.


Memorial Services

We will help you put together a memorial service, on request. A memorial service is a way to remember the one who passed away and to honor their life. Sometimes, memorial services are held instead of a funeral and sometimes they are held after the funeral.

It is a good time for you to encourage story sharing and bonding with and between your guests.


After Funeral Reception

These are a few questions you should consider:

  1. How many people will attend the funeral reception? Usually, people choose one of the following 2 options:

    • Invite everyone who attended the funeral

    • Invite only close friends and family

  2. Where will you hold the funeral reception? We can offer you our restaurant location at 3661 N Elston Ave, Chicago, Il, 60618 which fits up to 60 people or, if you prefer to use a location of your own choosing, we can provide you with funeral catering services.

  3. Do you have any special requests? Maybe something that is very meaningful and commemorates the one who passed away or a tradition you want to keep. Please let us know of any of such requests and we will accommodate them as per your instructions.



How much does catering for a funeral cost?

Funeral food catering varies in cost, depending on the number of people attending the reception, the menu you choose, location and extras such as floral arrangements (we will supply you with our recommended providers list). The one thing that is certain is that we will respect the pre-arranged budget(as long as you don’t require any extras), we will minimize waste and we might even save you some money through proper budgeting and planning.

Can we use your location?

Yes. Please call to check the availability of our location at 3661 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL, 60618 on the date of the reception.

Do you have a catering menu?

Yes. You can find our catering menu here.

Binding people together in fellowship is the most important part of the funeral reception.


The food, beverages, and location that you provide are meant to do just that.


We offer good food and a respectful, but warm environment that encourages bonding and sharing memories.