Prepared for a gastronomic tour de force!

Taste of Mexico

Prepared for a gastronomic tour de force

  Join Chef Geno Bahena, Executive Chef of Nationally Acclaimed Restaurant Mis Moles Restaurant and Tequila Bar, on a Culinary expedition the Chef is planning a series of cooking classes that will explore the rich and intricate epicurean tradition of his native Mexico.


  Learn to create Mexican food as exotic and complex as any haute cuisine on the planet. This is silky, subtle, exquisite stuff; food that features the same deep, earthy qualities of a great aged wine.


  Chef Bahena’s cooking is extraordinary, often rustic, full of the kind of intense and gratifying flavors that come from unique, fresh ingredients thoughtfully combined.


  The Chef works hands-on with no more than 12 students per class. And with any number for demos. During each 3-hour session the students learn how to buy and use rare ingredients, prepare, and present dishes.


  Beginner or expert, you will receive inspiration, ideas, and practical know-how.

A Taste of Elegance from The Heart of Mexico

Come and discover the Chef within!

For registration and information call:

773 604-8500